Posted on November 18, 2014

Volunteer Lottery Winners

To encourage and thank athletes for serving as volunteers during years when they are not racing, we provide extra opportunity to gain a spot in next year's race through the volunteer lottery. Volunteers for the 2014 triathlon had the opportunity to enter a special, 'volunteer lottery' for a chance to secure a space in the 2015 race. 67 of 2014's volunteers entered in the lottery by the July 25 deadline, and 23 winners were randomly selected the first week of August. Here are this year's winners!

Frank Baccelli
David Bartkowiak
Mike Braun
Katy Brown
Devon Chen
Michael Davis
Marty Garcia-Cotter
Raeleigh Harris
Christina King
Meredith Kremer
Samuel Louie
Michael Masangkay
Liz Nguyen
Marius Nicolae
Lorrel Plimier
Bridget Quinn
Sherry Sanders
Bharath Sitaraman
Adam Smith
Michael Taylor
Kathryn Vatsula-Flanagan
Kimberly Weber
Paola Zaninovic

Congrats to our lottery winners! You will be sent registration instructions via email by Mid-September. There will be no need for you to enter the public lottery for 2015.

The date of next year's race will be announced by September 1st. For those not selected, our regular lottery will open on September 1, 2014. For more information on next year's race visit the race website at

Thanks to ALL our volunteers. Looking forward to having more athletes join us as volunteers for next year's race (if you are not able to secure a spot to compete). It's great to see athletes supporting one another! Thanks! And good luck in next year's race to our volunteer winners! We'll be rooting for you!

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