Posted on May 11, 2023

A Letter from our Escape Aquathlon Ambassador

EFAT is excited to announce Raymond Braun as the 2023 Ambassador for the Escape Aquathlon. Earlier this year, Raymond set two certified World Records as the first person to complete 7 Olympic triathlons on all 7 continents in 7 consecutive days. What makes this achievement extraordinary is that, three years ago, Raymond had never run more than three miles. He discovered the world of endurance sports as part of a recovery program from intense OCD, and now dedicates his time to promoting the powerful connection between mental and physical health, and the importance of inclusion in sports. In 2022, Raymond completed the Escape from Alcatraz Back-to-Back challenge, and won his age group for the Aquathlon.

Hi, I’m Raymond Braun and I’m excited to be participating in the Escape Aquathlon again this year!

I love that there’s something for everyone in the Aquathlon - whether you’re a first-timer looking to dip your toe into the world of multi-sport, warming up for the big triathlon, giving your competitive spirit a chance to shine in the sprint format, or looking for a safe, fun opportunity to experience swimming in the Bay.

The Aquathlon was the highlight of my Escape from Alcatraz weekend last year. I loved the tight-knit camaraderie on the boat as we headed out to Alcatraz, excitedly stretching and discussing the water conditions, and made several friends who I’m still in touch with today. The course runs fast and exhilarating, while providing the iconic rush of the start that makes EFAT so unique.

I remember pausing for a few moments during the swim to take in the view of Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline from the water. I’ll never forget the sense of awe and gratitude in that moment. I also felt so much more confident for the Triathlon after getting the firsthand experience of jumping off a boat to kickstart a race – that adrenaline cannot be matched!

To help you from now until you cross the finish line, you will receive weekly email newsletters from the Aquathlon Organizers, full of information about how to prepare for the event and what to expect during the race weekend. I also recommend following Escape from Alcatraz on Instagram for more updates and training tips leading up to the race. I’ll be sharing my own journey of preparation on my account at If you have any questions, feel free to email the team at I know from experience that they’re super helpful and passionate about helping you have the best race day.

Wishing you all the best for your final month of training, and I’m looking forward to racing with you one month from today!


P.S. There are still some slots available for the Aquathlon, so please encourage your friends and family to sign up!

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