Andrew Jones

Posted May 18, 2020


Anesthetic Practitioner at the University of Wales Hospital

We had the chance to catch up with one of our international participants, Andrew Jones of Swansea, Wales on his work, training, and perspective amidst the pandemic.

EFAT: When did you race in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon?

AJ: I competed at the Escape for Alcatraz triathlon last year, for my first time, in 2019.

EFAT: How’s life since the pandemic hit been for you?

AJ: Over the last few months it’s been full on. At the front line, we have received a huge increase in critical care patients and as we speak, we are midway through wave 1. Our preparation is for subsequent waves and provision and multi hospital sites have been constructed.

EFAT: How has your experience training for and competing in Escape/triathlon equipped you to take on the challenges you’re facing now?

AJ: In the lockdown, I have enjoyed my training as a release from the front line. Also, I have enjoyed the interaction with my squad members and friends in different ways. I've not trained at all outside, rather I’ve been luckily using the facilities at home and enjoying the sun when I can. When you are at work, you have no concept from the ITU of weather, so it’s a pleasure to see daylight and the incredible weather we have received lately. My role also involves teaching at the University Bay Hospital Health Board on the graduate entry medical programme. Lots of adaption there! We're also carrying our lectures and 1:1’s via Zoom and other platforms.

EFAT: What’s one piece of advice you would give to triathletes during this time and as they look to pivot their training and adjust their expectations for this Tri season?

AJ: Most importantly, the advice I could offer is to stay focused and have a daily structure. This really helps and although we don’t know which races we will race if any in the remainder of 2020, we can maintain our fitness and mental well-being by adapting and overcoming in a way that we could become fit to race from home. Use whatever you have equipment wise to adapt. Take advantage of the exercise limitations the government has given us and let’s all look forward to being safe firstly, but also to the first race start together.

EFAT: Just for fun: One word you would use to describe the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

AJ: As one of my favourite races of last year without a doubt I’d love to come back. San Francisco is an incredible place steeped with history and Alcatraz was simply full of emotion and mind-blowing.

The one word I could use to explain the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon is quite simply “electric!!”

From start to finish, an absolute lifetime experience and I hope you have me back one day.

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