Jarrod Shoemaker


Jarrod is a lifelong athlete and loves all sports. He was a baseball player with an incredible knack for running and quickly moved up the elite running ranks in high school and college. He swam in high school and added biking after graduating from college. His natural athleticism propelled him to three major titles: 2005 U-23 World Champion, the 2009 Duathlon World Champion and 2008 Olympian. After the 2008 Olympics, Jarrod continuedto represent the US on the ITU circuit earning the most top 8 finishes of any US triathlete. He has recently changed his focus to non-drafting and will race in the Escape Series in 2018 as well. When Jarrod isn’t training and racing, he is cheering for his Boston sport teams, working with his wife, Alicia Kaye, on their sunscreen business, Endurance Shield and coaching athletes on the Apex Triathlon Team.

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