Eric Lagerstrom


Eric Lagerstrom

Eric Lagerstrom was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but his family moved to Portland, Oregon, when he was three. By six, he was in the pool, competing on the swim team, and he loved cruising around his neighborhood on a BMX bike, jumping off everything he could. Eventually, he got into bike racing, too. By age 12, he combined swimming, biking, and running and signed up for his first triathlon.

At college in Portland, he spent two years running cross-country and track and he continued signing up for triathlons each summer. He competed in USA Nationals in 2007, finishing second that year, and returned in 2008 to win the National Championship title in the 18-19 age group.

By 2012, he had enough money saved, so he packed up and moved to San Diego, California to join an elite training group and work with renowned coach Paolo Sousa. 

He went pro as a triathlete in 2013, completing his first full season in the pro division and becoming the U.S. Sprint National Champion that season. 

By 2014, he was placing in the top five in Continental Cup races – up from top 15 the year before. 

When Eric showed up at the 2015 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco, he wasn’t expecting to win. But then he got a close look at the course – its tough ocean swim, technical bike course, and rolling run – and he realized, his skills were perfect for this course.

To the surprise of even himself, he won the race, a major victory in his booming career. He followed that up with another win at the Beijing International Triathlon, which was part of the same series as the Alcatraz race, and became the first athlete to win both events back-to-back.

When he’s not training, Eric has become a full-fledged videographer, capturing point-of-view footage during his races and broadcasting that to a growing internet audience. He also films and edits behind-the-scenes video content that gives a glimpse into the often-unseen world of professional triathletes. 

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